Meter Profiling

What is meter profiling

The FUDCC uses the Badger Orion Data Profile Viewer as a tool to view and to analyze water meter usage accumulated by the Orion Data Profiler. The Remote Profiler is a separate box that is programmed with the meter serial # of an Orion Transmitter and a built in Orion Receiver to capture and store the reading data. Both the Remote and the Integral Profiler are programmed with the time interval to measure water consumption. Once the Profiler is programmed and installed to download water meter activity, the transsmitted data is saved for later retrieval by the Trimble Ranger. 

What does all this mean

One of FUDCC representatives will come out to your address, free of charge and attach a handheld computer to your water meter and retreive information of anytime water has ran through your water meter. This information is stored and then downloaded to a computer and a report of this usage can be printed. This information comes in helpful when trying to figure out why your water bill may be high/low. So, if you believe a profile may be helpful to you please, contact us