Waterline Extension/Land Development


The FUDCC may participate with property owners and their agents to extend waterlines. It is the policy of FUDCC to size waterlines for fire protection when possible, to place fire hydrants where practical, and to treat all customers and developers equally. 

The requested extension must be approved by the Board at a regular monthly meeting. This request must be made in person by the customer/developer. 


The scope of this policy applies to FUDCC and is limited to it's boundaries. 


The developer will provide 100% of the total project cost on all line extensions/developments. The Developer may ask for financial assistance from FUDCC at his/her discretion. The developer will pay for the minimum size line required for service. Minimum pipe size and piping material will be determined by FUDCC. FUDCC will approve line extension provided the number of lots generates enough system improvment fees to cover maintenance costs. The requesting party must retain a contractor acceptable to FUDCC to complete the work. FUDCC shall preform inspection and make the water connection for the new development. All installation must conform with the State of Tennessee guidelines. Any extension or development with preset meters must have a tap and service fee paid to FUDCC by the new customer before service is allowed. After a one (1) year warranty from the completion date all waterlines shall become property of FUDCC excluding service lines that extend past the water meter. 

System Upgrades

The Board is authorized to approve the extensions or upgrading of waterlines. FUDCC may upgrade a project to better suit the needs of FUDCC at FUDCC'S expense.